Genealogy research

Do you want to know more about your family history?

Where they were born, lived and died? What they did to support their growing families? Where they came from before they arrived in America? Genealogy research can tell you more about what made you what you are than a DNA test.

Jim Stuber is an experienced genealogy researcher who’s been doing family history for 40 years, is the co-chairman of the Mt. Lebanon Genealogy Society, and a volunteer at the local FamilyHistory Center. He’s uncovered all of this for a growing number of people are interested in family history, in return for a donation to The Historical Society of Mt. Lebanon.

If you’d like to know more, and to get contact information and how to get started, read the attached flyer.



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6:00 pm Saints & Stained Glass Walking Tour
Saints & Stained Glass Walking Tour
Jun 4 @ 6:00 pm
Saints & Stained Glass Walking Tour @ St. Bernard's Church | Pittsburgh | Pennsylvania | United States
Back by popular demand! Take a tour inside two of Mt. Lebanon’s most historic churches—Saint Bernard’s and Mt. Lebanon Evangelical Presbyterian.  This 90-minute tour covers the history of both churches with a focus on their stained glass. Meet[...]
10:00 am Neighborhood Spotlight: Virginia...
Neighborhood Spotlight: Virginia...
Aug 4 @ 10:00 am
Neighborhood Spotlight: Virginia Manor 10 am, Saturday, August 4 Prepare yourself for in-depth 90-minute look at the history and architecture of Virginia Manor. On a mile-long circuit of the area, you’ll see a variety of[...]
10:00 am Washington Road Walking Tour
Washington Road Walking Tour
Sep 15 @ 10:00 am
Washington Road Walking Tour 10 am, Saturday, September 15 Returning favorite, the 90-minute Washington Road tour explores the architecture of the buildings and the history of Mt. Lebanon’s business district, including a stop at the Municipal[...]
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